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Weekly Commentary: April 7, 2014

Please, let’s not mix marijuana with nuclear accidents

Last week, on April 1st (April’s Fools Day), I received two press releases, one about a recreational marihuana festival and another one about a nuclear accident. Which one was the fake one?

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Project Vision 21 offers two key services:

1. Daily stories in English and in Spanish for local, regional, national, and international media outlets, both for print media and for radio and Internet.

2. Consulting services for companies and agencies in need of Hispanic/Latino outreach. Our services include, among others, professional translations and Hispanic/Latino media relations.

Please, visit us frequently because the information on this site is constantly being updated.

Contact us with your specific project. We have the experience, education, expertise, and the connections to work with you in your Spanish-language or Hispanic/Latino related project, including media, community meetings, translations, and many more activities and services.

In addition to our professional services, we are also very active in several nonprofit organizations, providing leadership and training for the Hispanic/Latino community. More here.

Read more about us here.

Thank you so much for serving as a panelist at the Summer Food Summit. Many participants truly appreciated the information and  experience you shared.

Maggie Runsvold

Hunger Free Colorado

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